The Effectiveness of Couples Focused Group Intervention (CFGI) Method to Increase the Quality of Coping on Breast Cancer Patients

    Luh Putu Suta Haryanthi, MS Thesis, Dept. of Psychology, University of Indonesia, 2015

    The involvement of partner is very important to give emotional support for breast cancer patient, in reducing stress symptoms related cancer with more adaptive coping strategies. The objective of this present research is discovering the effectiveness of Couples Focused Group Discussion (CFGI) method to increase the quality of coping on breast cancer patients, the factors are involvced and finding the contributions of partner on it. The research uses one group pretest posttest design. The result shows that CFGI method is effective to increase the quality of coping on breast cancer patients. The factors which involved to increase the quality of coping are 1) internal factors such as the ability to express thoughts openly, high level of internal motivation and commitment to personal growth, acceptance, positive and rationale thinking, and 2) external factor such as the involvement of partner in managing cancer. This research illustrated that patients look for emotional support from their partner and able to establish higher couple’s communication effectively, when the patien express their thoughts and feelings.

    Keyword: couples focus group discussion (CFGI), the quality of coping, breast cancer patients