Studi distribusi Permitivitas pada Citra ECVT Otak Pasien Epilepsi

    Muhammad Arif, MS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2013

    ECVT  is  a  methode  that  used  to  measure  volumetric  capacitance  that  could generate 3D images of the enclosed region with capacitance sensor. This  methode is  used  for  this  research  to  study   brain  electric  activity  of  epilepsy  patient  and normal  patient. Patients  were  examined  using  EEG  to  get  information  about  normal/abnormal of the patient and abnormality position which show epileptiform wave  and  then examined using ECVT.  Brain  electric activity  image from ECVT examination  was  viewed  as  axial,  sagital,  coronal  slices.  Each  brain  electric activity  patient’s  image  was  analyzed  to  understand  charactheristic  of  normal brain  electric  activity  and  epilepsy  patient.  Brain  electric  activity  of  normal patients image shows  a  similar uniform  distribution of  high  brain electric activity, homogen  and  continue  around  cortex.  Brain  electric  activity  of  epilepsy  patient  image  shows  difference  one  and  each  other  with  brain  electric  activity  is heterogen.  Abnormality  region  of  brain  electric  activity  epilepsy  patient  shows activity which is not shown in the normal patient’s brain.
    Keywords: ECVT, EEG, brain electric activity, epilepsy.