Image Algorithm Reconstruction on Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) for Human Body Imaging System

    Ahmad Novian Rahman Hakim, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2008

    Image reconstruction process had been done using human body arm on  Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) system. Reconstruction method used Linear Back Projection (LBP), Landweber Equation (ILBP) and Neural Network Multi-criterion Optimization image Reconstruction technique (NN-MOIRT) algorithms. The results from reconstruction showed several simply arm imaging and then they were compared from used methods of image reconstruction. NN-MOIRT algorithm method results good quality image than LBP and ILBP methods. Image reconstruction process was conducted using  MATLAB R2007b software. keywords: ECVT, Image Reconstruction, LBP, ILBP, NN-MOIRT, MATLAB R2007b