ECCT (Electrical Capacitive Cancer Treatment) Device Optimization for Carcinoma Nasopharing

    Ahmad Yulianto, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2012

    The use  of electrical field from  an AC source  with frequency of 100 kHz and voltage range between -8.5 V and 8.5 V in  cancer treatment is effective enough to kill breast cancer cells.  However,  it  is not  effective  enough  to  kill  nashopharing cancer cells. Permittivity  distribution  of nasopharing area  varies  because  it  contains muscle, compact  bone,  brain,  and  cavity  (cellom).  Therefore,  the  electrical  field  which  is produced  by  ECCT device  will be  deflected.  In  this  simulation,  2  electrodes  were used, and  frequencies  of  100  kHz, 150  kHz  and 200  kHz and voltages of  6 V, 10 V and 14 V were applied.  The results  of this research  have  shown that  electrical field from  a  source  with  frequency  of  100  kHz  and  voltage  of  14  V  has  the  optimal penetration for carcinoma nasopharing.
    Key words: ECCT, electrical field, frequency.