Development of Electronic Stethoscope and Digital Signal Processing of Heart Pulses Using Fourier Transform, Wavelet Decomposition and K-Means Clustering

    Ninik Nurrizqi, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2009

    Conventional  stethoscope  as  medical  equipment  is  too  simple  to  diagnose  the condition  of  a  patient.  Object  observation  using  a  stethoscope  usually  is  at  the heart.  Heart  beat  sound  gives  information  about  the  condition  of  the  heart.
    Observation technique is usually called by auscultation. Problems that often arise in  heart  auscultation  using  conventional  stethoscope  are  noises  from  the environment,  the  listener’s  ear  sensitivity,  relatively  same  heart  sound  and  the
    absence of data that can be stored for future use and further analysis. In this work, an  electronic  stethoscope  is  developed  and  used  to  record  digital  data  of  heart pulses  from  a  number  of  patients.  From  the  result  heart  signal  it  can  be
    differentiated  the  signal  patterns  of  normal  from  abnormal  heart.  Signal processing using  Fouriertransformation analysis, Wavelet decomposition and  K Means clustering are used to analyzed the pattern of normal and abnormal hearts.
    Keywords: auscultation, wavelete decomposition, fourier transformation, k means clustering