Development of Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) for Signal Detector and Image Reconstruction of Human Brain

    Sri Elsa Fatmi, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2010

    Electrical capacitance volume tomography (ECVT) is attempted to detect signal and reconstruct image of human brain using capacitance values which influenced by charge density. Differences in activity of human brain produces different distribution of charge density to form different electric signal of human brain. This research was conducted by simulation and experiment. Simulation with COMSOL Multiphysics 3.4 using variations of the charge density is used to simulate the activity of human brain. The experiment used real human head by providing different mental task. The simulation result were able to reconstruct image. Whereas, experiment result can detect signal of brain, but the change of activity only can be distinguished by  some of ECVT sensor.

    ECVT, human brain, charge density, signal detector, reconstruct image