The Effectivenes of Using Electro Capacitive Cancer Treatment (ECCT) in Breast Cancer Therapy

    Yunita Kusuma Handayani, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2012

    The  influence  of  an  electric  field  of  cancer  cell  there  are  two  kinds  of  which inhibits tumor growth and destroy cancer cells that are undergoing fission. This research uses Electro Capacitive Cancer Treatment (ECCT) vest type A and type B with frequency of  50  –  500  KHz of the electric current source back and  forth with voltage 2,4  –  3 volt.  Award of the electrical field conducted in in vivo for 16 hours cumulatively on patients with breast cancer-celled ferocity stadium level II with  or  without  metastase  to  the  axilla  to  the  position  of  cancer  cells  in  five different  quadrants  of  breast  medial  superior,  inferior,  medial,  central,  lateral superior  and  inferior  lateral.  The  results  showed  that  Electric  therapy  very effective  Capacitive  Cancer  Treatment  to  inhibit  cell  division  and  cancer  kill cancer cells that are located on the superior lateral quadrant.
    Key word : ECCT, ECVT, Effectivenes, breast cancer, quadrant