Siti Nurhasanah, S.Si

siti-nurhasanahSiti Nurhasanah was graduated on September 2013 from Department of Physics, Bandung Institute of Technology as bachelor degree in Biophysics and Nuclear research group. Now she is preparing for master study and still doing a research as assistant researcher in Center for High Performance Computing, C-TECH Laboratory, Edwar Technology Co. Her research interest include biophysics simulation, multiphysics software, parallel programming, and non-radiation cancer therapy method.


Sensitivity Matrix Analysis for High Resolution ECVT in Biomedical Imaging Application
Abstract— Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) currently was used for biomedical imaging application. Generally problem in this application is low resolution image. Based on linearization technique, sensitivity matrix is one of important element in reconstruction algorithm. This study analyze sensitivity matrix in high resolution until 256x256x256 voxel number and calculated of sensitivity¬† updated according to the true media distribution. In principle, high resolution of sensitivity matrix will increase quality of ECVT image reconstruction and then updating sensitivity will decrease the number of error reconstruction image. To optimize the time of computation, sensitivity matrix calculation was did by parallel process with high performance computing. Experimental and simulation result showed that reconstructed images with higher resolution can be obtained.

Sensitivity Analysis of Electro-Capacitive Cancer Therapy Electrode Design
Abstract— Electro-Capacitve Cancer Therapy is non-radiaton cancer treatment method that generate electrostatic field from electrical wave in capacitive electrodes to disrupt cancer cell. Dose of therapy defined by electrodes design and potential difference between electrodes. From principle of capacitance, body is assumed as a dielectric materials. Electrodes was assembled to cover body surface with cancer cell. The aim of this study is to find sensitivity in electrodes design of ECCT use simulation based on finite element method software. Sensitivity will use for analyze the best optimization of electrode design in cancer therapy.