Siti FathiyahSiti Fathiyyah, was born in Tangerang on November 10, 1990. Undergraduate, majoring in “Fashion Design” Dept. of Family Welf are Science (IKK). Faculty of Technic. State University of Jakarta. Aug 2008 to Dec 2012.

Her Experiences, Chairman offorce 2008 majoring in “Fashion Design”.Joined a student organization (BEMJ) IKK sept 2008 to sept 2010. Followed fashion stylish contest in “The Catwalk” Kelapa Gading, Jakarta. Field practice (PKL) in renowned designer boutique Lenny Agustin. Practicalfield experience (PPL) in SMKN 24 Jakarta. Fitter of fashion show at theevent Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (JFFF) Kelapa Gading Jakarta. Fitter of fashion showat the event Indonesia Fashion Festival (IFF), Gandaria City Jakarta. Held a big Fashion show as Designer at the event Jakarta Fashion and Food Festival (JFFF) Kelapa Gading Jakarta. Final Project Title: “Student Attitudes Towards of Fashion Games”

In Dec 2012 graduated from the “Fashion Design” S1 State University of Jakarta. Before joining CTECH Labs, she made a clothing business with friends with Labels “TRYIT!”

In May 2013 joined the company CTECH Labs asa fashion designer of apparel.

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