Reconstruction Acoustic Signal A-Mode to B-Mode as a Basic Ultrasonic Imaging System

    Elfira Wirza, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2008

    Reconstruction is an important part of the imaging process in ultrasonography to generate. It is done through reconstruction phase of an acoustice signal A-Mode to be B-Mode which is the primary mode of the ultrasonic imaging. To obtain the optimal result is before reconstructiong the real image, a simulation is conducted in this research using Comsol 3.4 multiphysics software and Matlab R2007 software. using comsol multiphysics 3.4 which implements finite element method A-Mode signal is obtained. the signal is then proceed using Matlab 2007 software, to display image and to analyze the result. the image produced is influenced by several factors, including frequency, bandwidth, broadband of transducer, mesh size and grid size of transducer. All these factors affect the resolution, sharpness, brightness level of the image produced and are verified in this work. keywords: Ultrasound, ultrasonic imaging system, image, image resolution, image data acquisition.