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Electrical Capacitance Volume-Tomography (ECVT) is a volumetric tomography technique based on electrical capacitance measurement. This new system, developed by Warsito et al, (IEEE Sensors Journal, 2007) has revolutionized and replaced the classical two-dimensional ‘slicing’ technique of tomography imaging. For the first time, ECVT has enabled real time, 3-dimensional imaging of a moving object and real time volume imaging (4-dimensional). This unprecedented advancement has allowed for total integration of complete volumes within the sensing domain.

Our patented volumetric tomography technique is the only method permitting scientists accurate real-time 3-D(4-D) images necessary to manage industrial chemical reactors. Materials imaged include gas, liquids, solids and particles with different dielectric constants.

ECVT in 4-D (capacitive camera) is currently being used on industrial processes. It may also be applied for real time 3-D medical imaging of the human body.