• 10 SEP 15

    Pontianak International Conference on Advance Pharmaceutical Science (PICAPS) 2015

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    Pontianak International Conference on Advance Pharmaceutical Science

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    Sept 14-16th, 2015





    As the prevalence of cancer has been increasing year by years, cancer become a serious health problem. Based on the data in 2012, the prevalence of cancer patient reachedn 4.3/1000, which means among 250 million of population there were one million patient with cancer. Therefore, the development of cancer research become one of both national and international priority.Chemoprevention has become one of interesting approach to inhibit the development of cancer disease and prevent the severity of illness. In the recent studies, chemoprevention is effectively applied to be an alternative in cancer therapy as soon as the clinical research has been done. Furthermore, the chemoprevention agent can be used in the combination with the chemotherapy agent (as co-chemotherapy) to increase the effectivity and reduce the side effect of chemotherapy.New approach beside the chemoprevention, one of paradigm in the therapy of cancer is through the targeted therapy in order to minimize the risk of conventional cancer therapy. Some of new approaches in cancer cells targeted therapy are common drugs that targeted on cell cycle or signal transduction, and Boron Neutron Captured Cancer Therapy (BNCT). Other advantages of molecular targeted therapy are less toxic and have the ability to kill both dividing cells and non-dividing cells. Moreover, the research in molecular targeted therapy technology is now developing and become one of the research priority in Indonesia.Faculty of Pharmacy Tanjung Pura Univeristy, West Kalimantan and Indonesian Society for Cancer Chemoprevention (ISCC) in collaboration with Association of Indonesia Pharmacist, Association of Indonesia Pharmacy Higher Education, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST) Japan, National Nuclear Agency, and Faculty of Pharmacy-Universitas Gadjah Mada, will organize an international seminar ‘New Approaches in Cancer Therapy and Chemoprevention’ as well as to support the development of cancer chemoprevention research association in Indonesia. We invite researchers, professionals, and students on pharmacy, health sciences, biology, chemistry, and other area related with cancer prevention and metabolic disorder, to participate and contribute in this event.