Optimalisasi Desain Elektroda Alat ECCT Pada Terapi Kanker Payudara

    Siti Nurhasanah, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, Bandung Institute of Technology, December 2013

    Electrical Capacitive Cancer Treatment is cancer therapy method  that generate electrostatic field from electrical wave in capacitive electrodes to disrupt cancer cell. This signal can disrupt cancer cell proliferation.  Effectiveness of therapy defined by electrodes design and potential difference between electrodes. With principle of capacitance, body is assumed as a dielectric materials. Electodes assembled to cover body surface with cancer cell. This study aimed to find optimization the electrodes design in ECCT for breast cancer. Device optimization can be analyzed by electric field distribution in cancer tissue.  Electric field can be calculated by simulation using Comsol Multiphysics 4.3, software with Finite Element Method (FEM). This research analyzes electrodes model which will use in simulation, varying design electrodes, electrodes distance and electrical properties of matter. This simulation application can use in Treatment Planning System (TPS) for breast cancer patient.