Laboratories and Facilities

1.2tflops computer machine for real time 4D process imaging and other high performance CFD—ECVT integrated computing applications

1. Center for Electronics Science and Technology
Analog Sensor Circuits; Signal Conditioning; Data Acquisition System; Mechatronics and Automation

2. Center for High Performance Computing
Signal and Image Processing; Image Reconstruction; Acoustic Field Computation; Electromagnetic Field Computation; Sensor Design; Software Analysis and Development

3. Center for NDT and Process Imaging
Magnetic Induction Tomography; Acoustic Imaging; Neutron Tomography; ECVT; Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD);CFD—ECVT

4. Center for Medical Physics and Cancer Research
Bio-Physics Laboratory; Bio-Medical Imaging Laboratory; Computational Medical Physics; Cancer Research

5. Cancer Research Clinic
Clinical research of medical devices for diagnostics and therapy in collaboration with Indonesian Institute of Health