Educational Background

MI Al-Muhajirin                                                                                                                                        1994 – 2000

Elementary Islamic School

SLTP YAPPA                                                                                                                                              2000 – 2003

Junior Islamic High School

MAN 13                                                                                                                                                        2003 – 2006

Senior IslamicHigh School

University Of Indonesia, Departement Of Physics, Majoring Medical Physics.                       2006 – 2011

Bachelor Degree of Science.


Non Formal Educational Background

ADESTIC                                                                                                                                                     2002 – 2003

English Course

NEC (NurulFikri English Courses)                                                                                                       2010– 2010

English Course

Academic Achievements

Assistant of Electrical Capacitance Volume TomographyLaboratory                                      2010 – 2011

Lecturer’s Assistant of Diagnostic Imaging                                                                                        2011– 2011


Skills, Abilities, and Personality

o    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe in Design

o    MS Windows,MS Office

o    Internet,Email

o    MATLAB Programming

o    COMSOL Multiphysics Programming

o    Dreamweaver, HTML&CSS


Paper and Publication

ForImageReconstructionandBreastCancerDiagnosis                                                     Minithesis – 2011




Youth Leadership Training, Youth and Sport Minister program Representative of MAN 13 2003
Motivation Training, FE-UI AndriWongso Participant 2004
Leadership Training, Student Organization, OSIS MAN 13 Jakarta Participant 2004
Journalist Training (Reporter, Photographic, Design Graphic), SUMA UI participant 2006
The Asia-Pacific Conference on Few-Body Problems in Physics (APFB) Participant 2008
Biophysics Seminar and the 4th South East Asia Congress of Medical Physics (SEACOMP) Participant 2010
Environmental Radiation Monitoring (BATAN) Participant 2011
Awakeningof The NationalTechnologyDayat TheCenter of ScienceandTechnology(PUSPIPTEK) Participant 2011
Freelance On Justice and Welfare Party Data Entry 2007
Freelance on National Selection Into Public Universities, UI Data Entry 2009
Private Teacher Teacher 2010
Honorer on Salemba Group Tutoring Tutor 2010
Teaching Mathematics Olympiad, SDIT DarulAbidin Teacher 2009
Internships in RSCMHospital Radiodiagnostic 2009
Internships in PERSAHABATANHospital Treatment Planning System (TPS) Planner 2009
Internships in PERTAMINAHospital Radiotherapist 2009
Internships in DHARMAISHospital Radiodiagnostic 2009
Internships in EDWAR Technology Company Analyst and Sensor System 2011
Cancer Center in Dharmais Hospital Radiodiagnostic 2012
C-Tech Labs – Edwar Technology Medical Physics 2012-now


Work Experiences





Student Organization, OSIS MAN 13Jakarta Chairman 2003 – 2004
Department of Physics Student Club Coordinator of Public Relation 2006 – 2007
Student Organization, BEM UI Coordinator of Public Relation 2007 – 2009
SUMA, Campus Media of University of Indonesia Designer graphic 2006 – 2007
HFI (Indonesian Physical Society) Member 2010-2011
Student Organization, SALAM UI Public Relation Public Relation 2008 – 2009



Committee Membership


Year Book MAN 13Jakarta Coord.Of creative 2006
Youth Leadership Training, OSIS MAN 13 Jakarta Project Officer 2004
Youth Motivation Training, Alumnus of OSIS MAN 13 Jakarta Speaker 2005