Electric Field Effect on Growth of Cancer Cells

    Mursilatun, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2010

    There are two types effect of electrics field towards cancer cells, that is inhibiting tumor  growth  and  destroy  cancer  cells  undergoing  division.  This  research  uses Electrotherapy  Capacitive  with  100  KHz  frequency  of  the  source  of  alternating
    electrical current with voltage  -8.5 V to +8.5 V. Electric  field was tested in vitro for  72  hours  in  a  row  against  breast  cancer  MCF-7  cell  line  and  normal  cells fibroblast Vero. The results showed that the electric field could inhibit the growth of cancer cells MCF-7 and the electric field is proven not cause harmful effects to normal cells.
    Key word: Electro therapy, frequency, cancer, electric field, proliferation.