Electric Field Effect on Blood Cancer : In-Vitro Test On Raji Cell and Lymphocyte Cell

    Ikrimah, MS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2014

    Cancer therapy using electric fields has been developed previously. The therapy works based on polarized dividing cancer cells when exposed to electric field within a certain period of time. In this study, exposing raji and lymphocyte cells  to electric field in-vitro has been done. Cultured cells on 96 microplate then were given electric field treatment with variety of input frequency (250 Hz and 100 kHz), voltage (Volts 20,30,50), the signal type (square and sine), and treatment time (0 hours, 48 hours, 96 hours, and 144 hours). Calculation of cell number was done using Hemocytometer and MTT for cell morphology and cell staining absorption, respectively. The results show that electric field can affect cell growth. The exposure of electric field to lymphocyt cells shows significant effect after 48-hour treatment, yet the effect on raji cells can only be seen after 96-hours of treatment. The optimal lethal effect in raji cells due to electric field exposure without harming normal cells occurs when the input signal is square signal with 20 Volt and 100 kHz.

    Keywords: Capasitive Electrode, Cancer Cell, Electric Field, Lethal Effect.