Efektifitas Penggunaan ECCT (Electrical Capacitive Cancer Treatment) Untuk Terapi Kanker Paru

    Arifin Musthafa, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2012

    In  this  study  the  effectiveness  of  Electrical  Capacitive  Cancer  Treatment  (ECCT)  in lung  cancer  therapy  is  being  investigated.  ECCT  is  a  technique  of  cancer  treatment  that  uses electrostatic field  from an AC current source with a  frequency 100 kHz.  ECCT produces an AC output voltage of 20 Vpp from a DC input voltage of 3V. 2D image reconstruction is done using MATLAB R2009a software. The simulation is carried out based on finite element method (FEM)
    using COMSOL Multyphysics 3.5 software to determine the optimal amount of electrical field for an effective lung cancer treatment. The simulation results show that ECCT device is effective at  the  surface  area  of  lung  cancer  due  to  the  significant  increase  of  permittivity  ratio  at  the interface  between  2  medium  and  the  change  of  frequency  and  voltage.  So,  the  killing  of  lung cancer cell can start from the surface of tissue.

    Keywords : ECCT, electric field, frequency, voltage, lung cancer