Development of MIT for Medical Imaging: Data Pattern of MIT Sensor and Its Impact on Image Reconstruction Using Filtered Backprojection

    Al Amin Saichul Iman[1] , Jos Budi Sulistyo[2], Wahyu Widada[1] , Warsito P. Taruno[1]

    International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering (ISBE), Jakarta, 2016

    [1] CTECH Labs Edwar Technology

    [2] Departement of Electrical Engineering, Indonesia Institute of Technology, Tangerang, Indonesia


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    This paper presents a single-channel Magnetic Induction Tomography (MIT) using archimedean coil to assessment the linearity of imaginary
    signal, Im(∆B/B), the sensitivity from low conductivity object and one sample graph pattern of filtered backprojection.The result showed
    that the sensitivity of three different saline solution concentrations (20%, 33.33%, and 46.67%) is around 20 mV proportional with
    homogenous conductivity of 4.95 s/m at operating frequency above 1MHz and the phase shift resolution measurement of I/Q demodulator is
    0.01° which same with a change of imaginary voltage 2.24 mV. A filtered backprojection was used to read easily 1D graph pattern of objects.
    The quality of imaging will depend on the Reimann’s ratio of object.


    Magnetic Induction Tomography; iradon transform; Reimann equation


    International Symposium on Biomedical Engineering (ISBE), Jakarta, 2016