Calculations Capacitance on Electrical Capacitance Volume Tomography (ECVT) With Method Using Artificial Neural Network

    Almushfi Saputra, BS Thesis, Dept. of Physics, University of Indonesia, 2009

    Methods of artificial neural network usedin the calculation value of capacitance in the forward problem of the system for the semi non-linear reconstruction of ECVT. Capacitance value of neural network predicted results obtained from the input distribution of permitivitty results indicate that the desired image. Training method used by neural network is backpropagation training. Pair input and output data obtained from the training results of the simulation using COMSOL Multiphysics 3.4 software, which then use the software Neural Network Toolbox in Matlab R2007b to train neural network. Results semi nonlinear image reconstruction compared with the results of the linearreconstruction.
    Keywords: ECVT, Neural Network, Backporpagation, forward problem.