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    Business Forum BTIC-MITI

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    Business Forum BTIC-MITI

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    17 September 2015, 08.00-12.30 WIB



    Menara Top Food Alam Sutera

    Innovation in the industries today become a necessity. The one of ways that can be used to increase the power of innovation in industrial world is the existence of good cooperation between actors of innovation. Science and technology resources became a very important role in helping the participation of industries to create the innovative products that could be accepted by market. Communication between the academic (human resources of science and technology) and the business will determine the products to be produced.

    From this situation, the innovation process takes place. How were the researchers able to respond the market needs and deliver research results that truly fit the needs of business sector? Likewise the businessman, they should be start to build the confidence to the researchers to be able to assist the process of creative and innovative in creating a product based on the market. This trust must be a guarantee for researchers whose today most of them have been able to compete on a global level.

    Moreover, the urgency of cooperation between academia and business needs to get support from the government. Government supports have a very direct impact on the policies to be taken. Policy research incentives for researchers could be very useful in increasing the capacity of researchers to improve the quality of research results. With the maximum research results, probably it could provide the satisfaction for businesses, because their products will be well accepted by market.

    The final impact that will be obtained is a more significant in order to increase the Indonesian economy. There are many things that could be occurred in the communication between government and business side. Likewise the capacity of each actor, sometimes they do not know the relationship among them. The business side does not have any accesses to the party who could answer their problems. In the other hand, the technology resources do not have access to commercialize the results of their research.

    This is the process in terms of Knowledge and Technology Transfer that is called by Technology Request and Technology Offer. The impact that would be occurred if the communication among the actors not run well arise the gap among actors. They could take their own way to make the policy. Researchers will be more comfortable staying abroad and businessmen import products from outside or cooperate with the experts from abroad. This is the role of Knowledge and Technology Transfer Office (K-TTO) will determine the sustainability of a project, how to translate the technical term of researchers to business side and how to understand the market as well.


    The Success Story for Technology Commercialization in Indonesia

    General aim

    To explain about process of technology commercialization that has been occurring in Indonesia.

    Special aims          :

    1. To explain about the experience as one of the people who success to apply technology source in Indonesia
    2. To describe about the process that was happened in the technology commercialization activity.

    Audiences: inventors, innovators, intermediaries, funding agencies, and government institution